GenCon Indy 2007

On Friday 8/17 and Saturday 8/18 Gryphon Forge held two play test Events to conduct a final beta test of the upcoming game Wizard's GambitTM. The players had a great time and gave us valuable feedback on how we could make the game better.

Here's what player's had to say:

"You have to let me know when this game comes out, so that I can buy it and play it with my family."

“Excellent balance! Good speed once players became familiar. Excellent mix of enchantments.”

“Great game! Very fast and fun to play.”

Check out the event:

As play testers arrived we divided into groups and played separate games. Each game had 4 to 5 total players, which really made the competition fierce!

"Yep -  five Gambits! Hehe, read 'em and weep!"
"You see, if I play this card, um, like here, well uh, I win the game! Pretty cool, huh?"

Players quickly learned the strategies of the cards and utilized their new found knowledge on their opponents!


Soon some players we're even out playing the creators! This was an amusing turn of events that caught on quick with everyone else in the game.

 "Heh - well played. Are you sure this is your first time playing?"
"Eric explains his favorite strategy - yet again..."

After the games concluded we asked the players about their impressions and play experience... well as collected feedback on how to make improvements. From you the players we decided to add some new Incantation cards and change some of the card images.

 "Wow! Even the feedback form is awesome!!"
"Yup - one time I played a game with like dice this big!"

Thanks to your help and feedback Wizard's Gambit TM is truly a great game!


We at Gryphon Forge truly appreciate and thank you for your help in making our games great!

-- Matt & Eric

 "Who you callin' ugly!?!"