About Us!

What is Gryphon Forge?

Here at Gryphon Forge - the Game Foundry - we are working hard to bring you exciting new Card & Board game entertainment!

Right now we're busy on new products targeted at satisfying your hunger for strategy and fun!

Our Vision...

Gryphon Forge’s vision is to immerse players in rich worlds where every game experience feels part of a greater universe. We strive to build a sense of completeness in all that we create – inviting you to join us in fantastic game entertainment. To us a great game is one that mixes strategy, luck, player interaction, political influence, and fun, leaving gamers of all ages with a sense of wonder and an eagerness to play again!

Who We Are...

Eric Drever – Founder

In his day job Eric works for a local police force, but his real passion is for designing and building playing card and board games. Eric has a talent for understanding what makes a game fun and what elements of play are exciting and can develop into an unforgettable game experience. Eric is also an accomplished photographer and brings his insight and experience developed behind the camera to the artwork of Gryphon Forge’s game development.

Matthew Stipes – Founder

Matt works in Program Management for a local software company, but his love for card & board games goes back to grade school where Eric and he first met and started playing games together. Matt has a key sense of game mechanics and rules balance that refines the play experience for each game Gryphon Forge builds. Matt’s background in software tools, production, and video game development helps Gryphon Forge design world class games.

Robert Greenwell – Director, Forge Operations

Rob's "real job" is for a local software company in Program Management, but he has a long running passion for gaming that also goes back to grade school when he first met the other guys. Rob brings his experience in developing strong partnerships and managing long-term customer relations to Gryphon Forge - a valuable skill set as the company grows and takes on new challenges. In our inner circle gaming group, Rob has the illustrious title of "Chaos Master" for his unpredictable and chaotic gaming play style. While this sometimes confounds the minds of typical players, it also adds a unique and fun aspect to the overall gaming experience.


Gryphon Forge is located in the Pacific Northwest in Bellevue, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.


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