2008 News Stories


Gryphon Forge Gearing up for GenCon Indy 2008!

Here at Gryphon Forge we've been busy the past couple months on the home-front with all of the attention following our success at the GTS 2008 in April. We've been receiving a lot of email from business partners and fans regarding our first release: Wizard's Gambit. Additionally, we've been heads down working on our next release soon to be announced! (Just a little hint here our next title will also take place in Hyrathia, developing the story further from Wizard's Gambit.) Needless to say, even with Rob joining us at "The Forge", it's been busy - and thanks again for all of your support!

As you know, Wizard's Gambit is now available through the major card & board game distributors - you can see all of them on our Distributors page. Ask for the game at your favorite local Game Store - chances are they have it!

In other news, we had opportunity to record a Podcast with Steve Weeks of
The Ultimate Podcast by The League of Untouchable American Gamers. We had a lot of fun sharing our design goals in Wizard's Gambit as well as our thoughts on games and design in general. You can check out the Podcast here.

We mentioned GenCon at the top and yes Gryphon Forge will have a booth there. Come visit us in booth #1612 and meet the designers! We'll also be hosting Wizard's Gambit play sessions during the show; Friday 8/15 & Saturday 8/16 - both starting at 8pm! If you haven't played Wizard's Gambit or just can't get enough, sign-up for the event! Additionally, we'll be at The Ram's Thursday Night Free Play Session! Check it out!


Big Success for Wizard's GambitTM at GTS 2008!

Gryphon Forge had a terrific GAMA Trade Show last week in Las Vegas!

The response for Wizard’s Gambit was overwhelmingly positive with many retailers showing interest in the game for their customers and themselves. It is support from the gamers at heart that really makes developing games worthwhile for us! For those of you who came by to visit us, thanks very much for the support!

Great news on the distribution front as well! In addition to GTS Distribution carrying Wizard's Gambit - we are currently finalizing negotiations with both Alliance Distribution and ACD Distribution and should have a deal complete very soon now. We'll keep you posted on progress.

Internationally, Wizard’s Gambit is being distributed in Canada by Everest Wholesale; games should be available from them by the end of the week. In Taiwan we’re being distributed by Swan PanAsia! We are currently working on a deal to distribute through Esdevium Games in the UK, which we hope to have completed very soon!

While waiting for the distributors to carry Wizard’s Gambit – if you want a shipment direct from us please send us email and we’ll get the game to you. Contact us for possible shipping discounts.

One other announcement – We’d like to introduce Robert Greenwell, our new Director of Forge Operations who will be helping with all aspects of our work, with a focus on customer and partner relations. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to meet him in the near future. We’re happy to have him aboard!

Overall the show was a great success and thanks for your support!


Gryphon Forge at GAMA Trade Show April 21st-23rd!

Eric and Matt will be at the GTS 2008 in Las Vegas next week.

Come by and check us out in booth #226 if you're at the show! We'd be happy to meet you and discuss our game, Wizard's Gambit, and upcoming developments from Gryphon Forge!

Check back often for our latest news updates!


Website Update!

We just updated our website to include more info for you! New sections include a list of retailers where you can get Wizard's Gambit, rules FAQs & updates, downloadable media, and much more!

Also - check out Wizard's Gambit on www.BoardGameGeek.com! If you've played the game - help us out with your review!


Wizard's GambitTM Released!

Gryphon Forge is pleased to announce the release of their first title Wizard's GambitTM!

We've also updated our website so you can buy it through our new Online Store!

Also - check out our new blog site where we share our thoughts on the world of Gryphon Forge and the realm of Hyrathia, upcoming games and products, game design, games we're playing, and much more!